Civil Air Patrol

Senior Breakout Sessions


Attend this breakout to get updates on changes to the admin and personnel sections. This will also be a great time to ask questions pertaining to admin and personnel issues such as proper ways to fill out forms, who is responsible for what processes, awards process and much more. Admin and Personnel Officers should attend and Commanders are highly encouraged.



Hands on activities
Introduction and deep-dive into the STEM program for both the classroom and squadron.
EASY AE Plan of Action and AE Activity Report tutorials.
AEMs, Mission Awards and many other program functions.
Completion of several knowledge and one of the performance requirements for the Technician, Senior or Master Rating



Pursuant to orders, CAPERS/CAPSTAR have undergone a name change and certain functions have been removed.  The new names are TxWARP (Texas Wing Asset Request Program) and TWISTER (Texas Wing Sortie TrackER), and TWISTER functions related to check-in and checkout of assets and personnel as well as related reports have been removed.  The administrator/creator of this system will provide an in-depth “how-to´ review of the system and how it can supplement WMIRS.


This breakout is to familiarize members with the new Office 365 accounts that every NMWG member has access to. Session will include a overview of login in, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneDrive. This asset is a great value afforded to the members of CAP, and is the same system that is used by the U.S. Air Force. Don’t be the one to waste this powerful tool! All attendees are highly encouraged to bring any device they would normally use to do their CAP work. NHQ personnel will be moving to this platform in the near future, do not get left behind, but lets lead from the front!  Note: While admins will be on site to help you access your Office 365 accounts, please ask a head of time for your credentials. This will allow us more time to focus on the material.

NHQ has issued a branding resource which includes the newly design web pages and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms. You should have seen this change during the past year with the wing website, Facebook, and Twitter platforms being updated. Anyone unit that is on or is wanting to be on any of these platforms are highly encouraged to attend. All attendees are highly encouraged to bring any device they would normally use to do their CAP work.

This session will show you how to use WordPress to update your websites on either the or the domains. This session will be somewhat technical in nature but we will explain the process step by step. All directors and any unit that uses, or interested in using, a NMWG issued domain website should attend this session. Note: While admins will be on site to help you access your Office 365 accounts, please ask a head of time for your credentials. This will allow us more time to focus on the material.

Learn how to install and use Skype for Business for instant messaging, audio conferencing, and collaborations. We will discus where to find the install, how to find contacts, creating a instant message, creating a audio/video conference, screen share, and collaboration tools. All attendees are highly encouraged to bring any device they would normally use to do their CAP work. Note: While admins will be on site to help you access your Office 365 accounts, please ask a head of time for your credentials. This will allow us more time to focus on the material.



As a seasoned female leader in Civil Air Patrol, Lt Col Sharon Lane has met outstanding female leaders in both CAP and the United States Air Force.  If the opportunity presents itself, Lt Col Lane always queries the female leaders about how they have managed the generational differences of women in leadership roles.  They all told the same tale… “It’s HARD WORK!”

Feeling a need to mentor and support female leaders in a constructive way, Lt Col Lane created the presentation CAP Leadership From a Female Perspective.  The intent of the presentation is to demonstrate positive leadership skills for women. While the presentation is intended to mentor female leaders both female and male leaders are welcome to attend the presentation.  Numerous men have said, “I actually learned something”!  Ultimately, we are all in Civil Air Patrol to meet the mission!


Attend this breakout session to get an update on Operations, Maintenance and Stan/Eval in the NM Wing.  It will be an opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions on improving these areas in the Wing.  This session is intended for all pilots and Squadron Maintenance and Operations Officers.

This session will provide an overview of using mapping systems to support ES missions.  We will introduce Garmin systems, Google Earth and SARTopo. This will be a hands on course and participants are encouraged to bring a laptop computer.

CD qualified or interested members will get an update on the NMCAP Counter drug operations


Leadership Development/Education and Self-improvement are two of Maj Gen Smith’s 5 Pillars of Professionalism. In this session you will find out about the three different methods of education/self-improvement offered by CAP: Specialty Tracks, Professional Development levels and Emergency Services qualifications. You will learn how to get started in each one, how all three methods tie together and resources to help you along the way.



Learn the nuts and bolts of the Public Affairs program–how to write a news release, how to take good pictures and how to progress through the specialty tracks.  Emphasis will be on how to write a PA Plan, which is required the first quarter of every year.  Public Affairs Officers should attend, and Commanders are highly encouraged.



Discussion of current Safety issues in the wing.  Review of The Safety Information and Reporting System (SIRS).  Assistance to unit commanders and safety officers.


Cadet Breakout Sessions

NCSAs and How to Apply

Introduction to NCSAs, what the benefits are, resources and aids for attending, and how to apply.


LGBT Cadet Support

Both support for LGBT cadets/members as well as informative briefings for the general cadet corps in an effort to allow cadets to have candid conversations that will foster understanding and acceptance.


Cadet Advisory Council

What the CAC is, our goals, what to expect, and the direction the new Chairperson will be taking the NMWG CAC.


Cadet Programs

An overview of the current state of our wing’s cadet programs mission, and a strategic outlook for the coming year.


I Robot

Robotics, and technology in general, isn’t just fun. It’s central to where humanity is headed. Work on a series of activities that begins as an introduction to robotics and progress from understanding how robots work to operating a robot arm. This is accomplished through several hands-on activities set up as stations to explore the development and use of robots in today’s world.


Suicide Prevention

This class will explore the topics of stress, depression, crisis, and suicide. We will provide crisis/depression and anxiety aids and resources for cadets.


Obtaining Your Private Pilots Certificate

How to obtain your private pilots certificate through CAP as well as other available avenues. We will represent powered, glider, and LTA.


Path to Spaatz

A realistic look at how you can earn your Spaatz Award.


Model Aircraft Activity

An interactive aerospace activity where we will be discussing, making and (hopefully) flying various model aircraft.

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